Unconditional vs Conditional Call Forwarding

There are two different types of Call Forwarding: Conditional Call Forwarding and Unconditional Call Forwarding

Like the name says, when you setup Unconditional Call Forwarding calls are always forwarded to a specific number no matter what.

Conditional Call Forwarding means that calls are only forwarded in specific scenarios:

  • Busy Signal – When users hangup incoming calls
  • Network Unreachable – When phones are disconnected or in areas without network coverage
  • Unanswered calls – When users don’t answer an incoming call

While Call Assistant for Android works without conditional call forwarding it’s recommended to use it for a better experience. Call Assistant for iOS requires conditional call forwarding so it’s able to take your unwanted calls.

If you wish to use Call Assistant for Desktop and/or with an Android Tablet or iPad to answer and screen incoming calls you also need to setup Conditional Call Forwarding.

How to setup conditional call forwarding

In the US the Call Assistant number is +1 628 444 4674.

For most GSM operators around the world setting up conditional call forwarding is straightforward.

For the US the Call Assistant number is +1 628 444 4674.


Okay, now lets try to setup call forwarding in your PHONE settings

1. From any Home screen, tap Phone app
2. Tap Menu > Settings > Supplementary services > Call forwarding.
3. Go to Forward when busy type in +1 628 444 4674.
Go to Forward when unanswered type in +1 628 444 4674.
Go to Forward when unreachable type in +1 628 444 4674.

4. Tap TURN ON

5. Now Press make a test call or go to Call Assistant – Settings – Verify Call Assistant

Dial Codes

If you can’t use the Android method you need to dial the following number on your phone to enable Conditional Call Forwarding:

Activation Codes

Unanswered calls: *61*6284444674# or *61*0016284444674#
Out of reach: *62*6284444674# or *62*0016284444674#
Busy: *67*6284444674# or *67*0016284444674#

Alternatively you can dial this code to activate all at once: *004*6284444674# or *004*0016284444674#

Deactivation Codes

Unanswered calls: #61#
Out of reach: #62#
Busy: #67#

To disable all dial: ##004#

To disable dial: ##004#

Other Operators

This is not always the case though, particularly in the US, there are a number of operators that have their own way of setting up call forwarding.

Activation Codes

Sprint: *736284444674 and *746284444674

Verizon: *686284444674
Verizon users can also setup call forwarding via My Verizon

Deactivation Codes

Sprint: *730 and *740

Verizon: *73
Verizon users can also setup call forwarding via My Verizon

IMPORTANT: Please note that not all carriers support conditional call forwarding or you may have to pay an extra fee to have conditional call forwarding enabled. Some business/corporate accounts don’t allow call forwarding.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve having issues enabling call forwarding make sure you have mobile data enabled and disable WiFi calling.